27 Tishri 5778
October 17 2017



Elementary Schools

Orot Boys

Cheshboniada: On Rosh Chodesh Iyar, the school held its 8th annual math competition for 4th-6th graders. Each student was entitled to attend the first two preliminary stages. The competition included: Logical thinking, spatial vision, sequence, basic knowledge and various math subjects.

The two highest-scoring students in each class made it to the final competition at Eshkol Payis, attended by the parents. During the competition the audience was presented with a short math quiz. This year, they were accompanied by Hebrew proverbs through the use of acting and pantomime. The student audience and parents won prizes, and the winner was 5th grader Moshe Gottleib.

Yom Hazikaron: The 4th grade presented a very special and moving memorial ceremony, concluding it by kicking off Yom Ha’atzmaut.

Yom Ha’atzmaut: The school marked this day by hosting an active learning center in the lobby on the topic of the Israeli wars. The students learned about the wars in the classrooms, each grade focusing on a different war. The parents were asked to send in the names and details of relatives killed in the army. These names appeared next to a memorial candle located in the central hall.

The 1st-3rd graders prepared greeting cards for the State, later hung onto balloons and a flag in the school lobby.

On Yom Ha’atzmaut itself, the 4th grade was invited by the Iriya to perform at the local amphitheater and sing the Beit Shemesh anthem, which was composed by the students themselves in honor of Beit Shemesh Day in Kislev.

Yom Yerushalayim: The school held a festival: “Orot - in the light of Yerushalayim”. The students prepared and presented original creative songs about Yerushalayim, accompanied by students playing darbukot and keyboards. We discovered some amazing young talents…

The following day began with a festive prayer, followed by a keyboard performance of Yerushalayim-related songs, as well as a slideshow quiz about sites in Yerushalayim and a festive meal.

For the 1st and 2nd graders, a workshop and activities were held based on the 70 names of Yerushalayim. Each child decorated their favorite name on paper.

In honor of Shavuot, an active study morning was held on Friday with the parents, on the topic of bikurim and a special workbook was created.

The 3rd grade students held a special celebratory evening including dairy foods, flower arranging and a treasure hunt in search of the Torah.


Orot Girls

During Holocaust day memorial service, the mother of student Tehilla Abromowitz related the story of her survivor parents, presenting a siddur her father salvaged from Auschwitz. The drama group put on a play.

On the 5th of Iyar, the school held a Memorial Day service. The grandfather of one of the students told the story of his brother who was killed during the Yom Kippur War. The 6th grade put on a flag show and sang.


The 2nd grade class went to Beit Natif; the 4th grade class  went to Rishon Letzion; the 6th grade class held their tiyul shnati up north. Places visited on the trip: The Atlit Museum, Mt. Shaul and the Yatzpur River. Following an overnight stay at Shadmot Mechola, the children visited the Nir David Museum, “Choma Umigdal”, the Shofet River, and the Aqueduct Beach in Caesaria.

On Yom Yerushalayim, the 1st-3rd graders held a song contest: Each class composed a song about Yerushalayim, accompanied a well known tune. The 4th-6th graders presented Yerushalayim scenes from various historical periods. The Ethiopian students presented a play about the Ethiopian Aliya.

On Rosh Chodesh Sivan the school held an open morning parent-teachers meeting for parents and students. Activities were held in the Keren Karev classrooms simultaneously.

On the 18th of Sivan, the first graders celebrated their Chumash Party at Chafetz Chaim.

On the 25th of Sivan, the school held a march on the topic of “Middot”, including “Middot” stations, and a concluding ceremony.

On the 2nd of Tammuz, the 6th grade will hold a graduation party.

In anticipation of the summer vacation, parents and students will be invited to an afternoon with the author, Chaim Walder.


Ahavat Yisrael

Thanks to successful fundraising efforts by Mrs. Dina Blank, the head of Ahavat Yisrael’s Va’ad Horim, the school’s first science lab is in the final stages of installation. The children will be able to do experiments, see wonders through microscopes and enrich their scientific learning as of next September.
The Shmitta garden has been planted in the back of the boys’ school, with various plants that have different laws during the shmitta year (spices, perennials, annuals, fruit trees, etc.). The students will have hands-on learning of the
sugyot involved, a wonderful way to inculcate the dinim of this special year. Our front yard is now a gorgeous green, thanks to the removal of the hatzatz and the planting of a large expanse of grass for the students’ enjoyment. It was terrific to see how the children made sure that the grass “took” by being their own policemen, making sure nobody stepped on it for an entire month.
On Rosh Chodesh Sivan, a joint bar mitzva celebration was held for all the Ethiopian boys in grades 5-6. Classmates, fathers, and the children’s families came to shul where each boy got an
aliya, accompanied by singing and the traditional throwing of candies. Afterwards, there was a se’udat mitzva for everyone, with the food brought by classmates, the tefillin bought by various parents, and entertainment provided by boys from the Reishit Academy. It was an extremely joyous occasion.

Finally, in honor of Yom Yerushalayim, each class in the girls’ school prepared models of various famous places in the city (the Kotel, the zoo, Migdal David, the Windmill, etc.), while the boys enjoyed festive davening and learned about the history of the city through songs and a play presented by Rav Ro’i’s 4th graders. In addition, the 2nd grade boys went to the Melabev center for the elderly and presented a skit about Yerushalayim, with the high point being the joint (and even tearful) singing of “Yerushalayim Shel Zahav” with the audience.

High Schools

Sha’alei Torah

Yom Yerushalayim: Guest speaker, Rav Sabbato from Ma’ale Adumim, spoke about Yom Yerushalayim and Shavuot. The yeshiva held festivities and dances at shuls throughout the city, in collaboration with the moatza datit.

Yom HaShoah - Rav Har-Zahav, who has done research on Raul Wallenberg, spoke about Raul’s fate.

Tiyul Shnati: The yeshiva took a coast to coast trip to the Galil.

In preparation for Shavuot, a study evening was held by Rav Yochai Rodick for students and parents.

Two weeks of ‘Zahav’ (road safety) activities: The students created an active bulletin board on the subject of road safety. The students are made aware of the program, prepare stickers and invite speakers.

The speakers included:

• Rav Ofer Unger from Sha'alabim, who opened the week with words of Torah, stories and activities.

• Rav Tzachi Uri, CEO of the ministry of transportation, and transportation legislative aid, spoke about accident prevention and pedestrian safety.

• Courthouse Judge Chen presented films explaining the rationale behind the laws. He gave examples about how we become incapable of controlling ourselves in certain situations - the loss of control.

• Eliezer Ken spoke about his experience of being hit by a taxicab while crossing through a green light and shared a film about his rehabilitation at Beit Levinstein. He gave real-life examples of how difficult it can be to function without the use of limbs.


Ulpanat Gila

For Yom HaZikaron, the girls watched an amazing presentation by Midreshet Ofra showing the history of the Jewish nation from the days of Avraham Avinu until today. Issues such as our Jewish identity and Israel as our land were discussed.

Yom Yerushalayim was celebrated by the Ulpana and the parents in the Reishit hall, with a festive program in the evening, followed by dancing into the night. There were exhibitions and performances by the girls from the Junior High to show what they had learned in various chugim throughout the year: art, drama, choir, logical thinking, Eretz Yisrael, and dance. In addition, the final stage of the contest on ‘Tzeida Laderech’ (Zionism, Judaism and Democracy) was held. The Junior High had been studying these topics all year and the climax was this contest. Kol hakavod to Hadas Pinchuk from 8th grade who won first prize! Prizes were distributed to the girls who excelled in their voluntary work this year. Lastly, there was the announcement of the winners of the competition of story writing about Yerushalayim. Congratulations to Adi Van Dyke from the 7th grade who won first prize! The evening was beautiful and left us feeling the meaning of the saying םירבח לארשי לכ השוע םילשורי.

A class from the Yavneh school in Manchester, England joined us in the festivities of the evening. The girls slept over at our students’ homes, and went on an excursion and an archeological dig together the next day.

We had two Shabbatot Ulpana. The first was for the Junior High on the topics of tefilla and middot. The second was for the older girls on the topic ‘Preparation for Family Life’.

We are very proud of our student Nili Shapira from the 10th grade who represented our Ulpana in the Chidon Tanach for Ulpanot.

The 8th grade enjoyed an astronomy day during which a planetarium was built in one of the classrooms.

There are two special events that are coming up. There will be a recycling week during which the science teachers will teach the importance of recycling. Another will be the Physical Education Day. A dietician will come and speak to the girls and after that they will make a display of healthy food.

Coping with Memories at Ulpanat Amit Noga

Every year, the girls are very involved in the preparations for the memorial days that fall in the month of Iyar. During this time, we meet various people: Survivors and bereaved families, hear songs, visit them and attempt to feel, as much as possible, what this part of Am Yisrael copes with. Over the years, this has become increasingly difficult with today’s youth feeling much less connected. The 10th grade students decided to do something about this and create a different type of ceremony. Instead of discussing something distant, they decided to present themselves and their deepest feelings about these issues, creating a very moving presentation. The tekes included monologues performed by the girls, about their individual connection to the Holocaust.

Excerpts from the presentation:

Yael conveyed that she has a hard time connecting with this day, that she cannot manage to feel the horror and that she can’t seem to shed any tears.

Malka told that she always feels like it is she who will, at any moment, live or die, and that she was there.

“Suddenly I understood that the Holocaust was in color and not in black and white…” says Chen.

While working with the girls, we suddenly realized that the Holocaust is ours.

During the Memorial Day tekes for Tzahal casualties and terror victims, the 11th grade students presented photos of soldiers and victims, again with the intention of exposing the personal aspect. Both of these ceremonies were tremendously meaningful and moving for us all.

Atar, a junior high interdisciplinary program at Ulpanat Amit Noga, is working to open students’ minds, curiosity, skills and creativity, through the power of multiple disciplines.

For example, the 7th grade learned about life in the pre-modern world, including the shtetl. The girls have begun to understand and ‘experience’ this period via exposure to history, geography, literature, and art. They created models and maps of shtetl life, and wrote, dramatized and experienced what life was like based on their research and studies. In a part of the program called “time travel”, the girls worked in smaller groups on their writing and research skills. 

For their final projects, the girls are using their cumulative learning, research, and remarkable skills to write and produce their own play (7th grade) and a multimedia presentation (8th grade) based on the time period they have studied. Atar provides an unforgettable and extraordinary growing and learning experience.





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