29 Kislev 5778
December 17 2017



To mark Family Day,

Midreshet Beit Shemesh

invites the public to lectures and workshops on

"Education and the Family"

Hour Option 1 Option 2

"Yosef & His Brothers"
HaRav Rafi Feuerstein
Chairman, Rabbanei Tzohar
Vice Chairman, The International
Center for the advancement of Teacher Training

"By Yourself - Together"
Being a couple within the family
Ms. Bilha Admonit
Lecturer, Herzog and Talpiot Colleges

21:00-22:30 "Trust Within Faith"
Education as per the Adler Method and Rabbinical sources
Ms. Leah Vigdorovich - Parental Counselor
"Only One More Story"
The importance of stories to child development
Mr. Tuli Plint
Editor and Storyteller

When? Sunday, 30 Shvat 5767 (18.2.07)

Where? Matnas RBS-A

Free Entrance

Deputy Mayor Shalom Lerner
Ilan Gael Dor - Chairman, Midreshet Beit Shemesh

For more details, contact Midreshet Beit Shemesh, Tel: 02-9999-662

www.shemesh.co.il/midrasha , Email: midrasha@shemesh.co.il






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