29 Kislev 5778
December 17 2017


  U.S. Students Visit Beit Shemesh - Environmental Emphasis
Keren Or, 12 January 2007

On a stormy December day, forty-five young students from the United States visited Beit Shemesh to experience local environmental initiatives first hand. The group is in Israel for a week as part of an "Israel Experience" trip sponsored by the Jewish Agency. During their visit they will tour the country from north to south stopping to visit environmental projects along the way.
They arrived in Beit Shemesh on December 27th and began their day at the Meyerhoff Matnas where they enjoyed a course in organic gardening given by Tzachi or the "Shomera L'sviva Tova" organization. Carmi Wisemon, head of the Shomra organization, explained to them about the organization's environmental activities. They then enjoyed a tour of the city and stopped on Rechov Bialik to view the painted tires and colorful geraniums which were planted by local residents as part of the joint initiative of Project Renewal, the Environmental Protection Unit, and Shomera. They then went to see Gan Hapsalim to view the unique sculptures created in memory of Golan Pelai. They ended the day with a visit to the purification plant visitor's center. Before leaving, they heard about the numerous educational and public awareness activities taking place in Beit Shemesh schools and communities. They then left for Yerushalayim to enjoy the snow.




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