29 Kislev 5778
December 17 2017


  Was Nissim Cohen Overpaid NIS 300,000?
Temura, 11 January 2007
In a recent inspection by the [National] Treasury payroll supervisor of Iriya employee salaries it was uncovered that Nissim Cohen, who works in the gizbar (collections office), received an exorbitant supplement to his salary. The state comptroller who revealed this striking discrepancy is demanding that Nissim Cohen return the full NIS 300K which he apparently was not entitled to receive.
When asked for his response to the incident, Mr. Peretz, chairman of the workers' committee, stated that the amount of money in question is not accurate, but he would not share with us what he believes to be the actual amount of money in question.
The following questions were posed to the Iriya spokesman:
1) What is the exact amount of money that the state comptroller is demanding that Mr. Cohen return to the Iriya?
2) Has the money already been returned to the Iriya?
3) If not, why hasn't the money been returned yet?
The Iriya spokesman's response was evasive: "The Treasury payroll supervisor is running sample checks of salary payments to public workers in tens of local authorities. They are looking for salaries that deviate from the accepted rules. All criticism, complaints and remarks are being carefully considered and thoroughly investigated. At the same time, we guarantee that all workers will receive their right to a fair hearing.
In any event, after we clarify the issues and hold discussions between the local authority and the Treasury payroll supervisor, the Iriya will act as instructed according to the law. But I should point out that due to complexities of salary agreements two people may look at the same agreement and interpret it differently."




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