29 Kislev 5778
December 17 2017


  Bituach Leumi Offices to Relocate to Resido
Keren Or, 12 January 2007
Although it has not yet been officially made public, Bituach Leumi offices are slated to move from their current location in the Kaduri building on Rechov Ben Tzvi to the new Resido Mall at the entrance to RBS. Bituach Leumi has rented approximately 1000 meters on the second floor of the building, where maintenance people are now busy putting the final touches on the air conditioning system. Until work on the building is complete, there will be a separate entrance from the eastern side of the building for the Bituach Leumi offices.
Haredim in the Resido area have already expressed their opposition to Bituach Leumi's move into the building. They worry that the Bituach Leumi offices will draw daily crowds of immodestly clad individuals to the area which could serve as a spiritual threat to the Haredi lifestyle.
On Sunday a group of Haredim gathered in the building and chased away the workers who quickly contacted their supervisors who in turn called for police intervention. The workers were told to discontinue work until Tuesday, at which point indeed they returned to work without incident.
It is expected that it will take two more months to complete work on the new offices which means that Bituach Leumi is expected to move to its new location around the end or March or beginning of April 2007.




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